• Twain Importer Pro Now with PDF support! Twain Importer is a virtual Twain driver that can import
    image files from a disk into any Twain application.
    The Pro version processes scanned images from
    multifunctional devices (MFP), Network Scanners, E-Mail,
    or File Archives. It also can present your Twain-based
    application without a real hardware scanner.
    Read More about scanner emulation...
    Free trial or purchase for only $150 $129
    Volume and education organizations discounts are available
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  • Twain Importer Dev Must have for any Twain developer The Developer Edition of our popular Twain Importer brings necessary features making your development and test teams more effective with this scanner emulator. Every developer or tester can have a personal virtual scanner for the very low price. Smoke tests, unit tests, load tests, TDD, and much more!
    Free trial or purchase for only $150 $129! Volume and education organizations discounts are available
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  • RemoteTwain Expand your scanner Turns any Twain compatible scanner into a network scanner.
    Everyone in your office or home network
    will be able to use RemoteTwain in any application
    compatible with Twain.
    Special usage: no special drivers for your scanner
    are required for Windows 7.
    Use RemoteTwain inside Windows 7 XP Mode
    (available in some Windows 7 editions)
    and continue to use your scanner.
    Free trial or purchase for only $29!
    Volume and education organizations discounts are available
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  • CloudScan Browser-based capture solution! Free and easy-to-use scan application.
    You can scan your documents, pictures,
    or photos with a few clicks and save
    them as colorful PDFs or TIFFs.
    You can even upload them to Google Docs.
    Cloudscan is very handy if you have several
    computers at home or in the office.
    Effortlessly share your scanner over your
    entire network!
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  • Custom solutions. Our experience and technology If you would like to integrate CloudScan into
    your solution or use our virtual twain drivers
    in your application - please contact us and we
    will be glad to do this.


Cloud Scan. Scan documents from browser!

CloudScan CloudScan - free scan application

CloudScan is a completely free scan application. Use one scanner across your entire network without any additional installation. It is very easy to scan images or documents or pictures into PDF or TIFF inside your browser. Absolutely secure (no ActiveX). Works in Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Upload to Google Docs instantly! CloudScan is available now. More information...

Scan now! Download now!

RemoteTwain. Share scanner across network

RemoteTwain. Network twain driver to connect! RemoteTwain info

RemoteTwain implements principles of Network Twain. If CloudScan is application, RemoteTwain allows to use you scanner with any scan application like Adobe Photoshop, Nuance PaperPort, medical application and so on, every application that supports Twain drivers. Use one scanner across your entire network with any Twain compatible application. More information...

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Our products

TwainImporterPopular virtual driver for scanner emulation (more than 100000 downloads)
MobileTwainUse mobile device with any TWAIN compatible application
CloudScanFree scan application from almost any web browser
Remote TwainRemote scan from your twain scanner accross your network
RemoteDesktopTwainMakes locally connected scanners available on RemoteDesktop Server

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25 Oct
MobileTwain Using MobileTwain you can use your mobile device with your scan application instead of traditional document scanner. Reed more ...
27 Aug
RemoteDesktop Twain with Windows 8 support has been released.
14 Mar
TwainImporter Pro with enhanced PDF and Windows 10 support.
07 Mar
New version of CloudScan with image redaction feature at www.cloudscanapp.com
25 Feb
New installer for RemoteDesktopTwain makes installation as easy as it's possible. Read more about RemoteDesktopTwain
20 Sep
One URL www.cloudscanapp.com for scanning from iPhone, Android or Desktop computer. Share your scanner with all devices in network and scan to PDF for free!
05 Mar
RemoteDesktopTwain RemoteDesktopTwain has been released. It allows using locally connected scanners on remote server via RDP....
01 Jan
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