Remote Desktop Twain connects local scanner via RDP

Connect local scanner to remote desktop

Use your local scanner when you connected via Remote Desktop Connection (formerly "Terminal Services Client"). With bigger adoption of virtualization technologies it becomes helpful to use local scanners in remote Operating System. RemoteDesktopTwain connects local TWAIN scanner via RDP protocol with applications in remote session. This integration is seamless and invisible to end-users. They just work as they work with locally connected scanner. RemoteDesktopTwain is built on top of very popular and proven by thousands customers TwainImporter and RemoteTwain.

RemoteDesktopTwain is great solution for any business with distributed offices that need to work with scanned documents on a remote server. Our software is widely used by companies in the medical, financial, freight, insurance, and hospitality industries. All our drivers: TwainImporter, RemoteTwain and RemoteDesktopTwain work with all major scan application (including ISIS via PixTwain and Kofax VRS), EMR systems, patient billing and medical software systems. For example medical offices are required by HIPPA regulations to include electronic images of insurance cards and handwritten notes with every patient’s electronic record. Our virtual Twain drivers allow meeting “Meaningful Use” criteria. With RemoteDesktopTwain scanned images are directly incorporated into the workflow of most EMR, medical billing or financial software system.

RemoteDesktop Scanner buy Purchase the license now Only $89 for the license.
You need only one license per scan workstation and can use your scanner on any terminal server.
RemoteDesktop Twain Download RemoteDesktop Twain Download and install RemoteDesktop Twain to use your locally connected scanner on remote server with any TWAIN compliant software. It supports both 32 and 64 bits systems.
RemoteDesktopTwain help Detailed Help Information RemoteDesktopTwain documentation.