MobileTwain Product Overview

Replace your out dated scanner with mobile phone without pain and additional cost

MobileTwain turns your phone into a document scanner. It works for any TWAIN compatible scan software. The great benefit of this solution that you don't need to change your document workflow and scan application. No need to pay extra money for scanner support - just use your cell phone.

To start uring MobileTwain right now follow these simple steps:

  • - Install MobileTwain driver on a computer with your scan application
  • - Start scanning in your scan application and select MobileTwain as a data source
  • - Install MobileTwain application on your mobile device
  • - Take a picture with mobile device and press Send
  • - You will see that the image appears in scan applicaiton

Currently MobileTwain supports iOS and Android.

TwainImporter help MobileTwain documentation The help contains detailed information how MobileTwain works and how to use it efficiently
TwainImporter try MobileTwain - TWAIN driver for Windows Download and install MobileTwain driver for Windows and use your iPhone or iTab with any TWAIN compatible application instead of document scanner.
MobileTwain for iOS MobileTwain for iOS Install MobileTwain from App Store on your iPad or iPhone and use your phone instead of document scanner with any TWAIN compatible application.