CloudScan - Home

CloudScan - Home

Current scanner

1. Current scanner
Shows selected scanner and allows to change scanner.

Show scanner configuration dialog

2. Show scanner configuration dialog
This option can be useful if you run CloudScan and SharedScanner on the same computer. It allows to show native scanner configuration dialog. Please keep in mind that the dialogs will be shown on computer where scanner connected. So do not use this option if you scan remotely because you scan operation will hang.

IP address of SharedScanner

3. IP address of SharedScanner
Shows configuration dialog where you can specify computer name or IP address of computer where scanner is connected (SharedScanner is installed).

Online Help

4. Online Help
Opens this help

Scan Color, Gray or Binary

5. Scan Color, Gray or Binary
This button consists of two parts: if you click on scanner icon scan process will be started with last used color mode (color by default). If you click on arrow you will be able to select what color mode you need.

Save to PDF/TIFF/Google Docs

6. Save to PDF/TIFF/Google Docs
This button consists of two parts: if you click on save icon File dialog will pop up and ask you to select where to have file (PDF by default).  If you click on arrow you will be able to file format for saving or exporting scanned document in PDF format to GoogleDocs.

Delete current document

7. Delete current document
Deletes current document from SharedScanner and current view. No saved documents will be affected.

Send by Fax

8. Send by Fax
Send scanned document by Internet Fax service. It requires registration on Fax service web site. We recommends to scan with black and white color format to achieve the best quality and performance sending by fax.

Send by eMail

9. Send by eMail
Send scanned document as PDF file attached to eMail. It requires appropriate SharedScanner configuration to use your eMail server.


10. Print
Print scanned document.

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