Sending scanned documents by fax

Using CloudScan you don't need a fax machine and can send scanned document by fax directly from your web browser. To use this functionality you must be registered on Internet Fax service website. Please click "Register" link for registration. Only Internet Fax Service provider charge for sending fax. You don't need to pay anything to ScanWorks as well as you don't need Premium subscription to use this functionality.
It is recommended to use Black and White scanning to achieve the best quality of faxed documents.
When your fax document is uploaded on fax service you will see confirmation message showing the cost of sending fax document. Pressing "No" you cancel sending fax.
Sending scanned documents by fax


1. Account
Use your registration account to send fax. If you don't have registration click "Register" hyperlink on the bottom of window.

Recipient phone

2. Recipient phone
Enter recipient phone number in this field

Save credentials

Check this option if you don't want to enter credentials every time you send document by fax.Your user name and password are saved locally in web browser settings.


Cancel sending document by fax.


Start sending document by fax.

Fax service registration

6. Fax service registration
CloudScan is integrated with 3d party service to send faxes. To use the service you must be registered. A registration is free.


7. Password
Enter password for your account.

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