How it works

CloudScan consists of two components:
  • SharedScanner: An application that has to be installed on the computer connected to a scanner.
  • CloudScan: A web application that does not require an installation. Just navigate to and start scanning from iPad, iPhone, Android or PC.
When SharedScanner is installed, it allows access to your scanner across your network. It does not have its own GUI, but it provides services to the CloudScan web application. Once the installation is finished, you can forget about this part. Shared Scanner will work silently in the background.
All work will happen in CloudScan. This is a web application that works in all mainstream browsers. CloudScan has GUI similar to Microsoft Office applications:
To scan remotely, CloudScan has to be connected to SharedScanner. That is why CloudScan should know the IP address or computer name of the computer with SharedScanner installed. This information can be always obtained from SharedScanner . When CloudScan is connected successfully, you will be able to see the available scanners in the list on Home tab. At this moment, CloudScan is ready to scan.
Despite using CloudScan from a website, all information is kept private. ScanWorks Software does not have access to any data: all images are only stored locally.  Your documents are safe.  Details are in the "Security considerations" section.
When the “Scan” button is pressed, SharedScanner starts to scan images from the connected scanner. It saves images locally into the scans repository. CloudScan requests the images from SharedScanner, and presents thumbnails and full images for review.  When the process finishes, you can continue to scan, delete undesired pages, or save the document to a local disk or GoogleDocs account. Everything happens locally, and ScanWorks Software does not have any access to the data. Google log-in information is deleted after the documents are uploaded to GoogleDocs.

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