Save to Google Docs

Cloud scan allows to upload documents directly into Google Docs. This can be very convenient if you work inside browser. To save into GoogleDocs click drop down part of Save button (with arrow):
and choose Save to Google Docs.
New dialog will appear where you need to specify document name and Google account. See details below.
After you click Ok button CloudScan will upload PDF with scanned images into Google Docs and will present dialog with direct link to the saved document:

Google Docs Settings Dialog explained

Save to Google Docs

Document name

Name of document which will be shown in GoogleDocs

User name for GoogleDocs

Name of your GoogleDocs account

Password for GoogleDocs account

Password for GoogleDocs account

Save credentials

Save GoogleGocs account and password locally on computer for automatically login the next time. This information will be saved encrypted into your local storage where only you have access.

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