Once SharedScanner is installed, you can start scanning from any computer in a network. Just visit the CloudScan web page, press the “Settings” button, and enter the IP address or computer name of the computer where SharedScanner is installed. No other installation is needed!
If you have more than one scanner connected to your PC, you will need select your scanner, otherwise you just need to press the “Scan” button to start scanning. The basic scan settings are on the "Scan" tab.  The dropdown menu under the “Scan” button contains color options: black/white, grayscale, or color.
Once scanning is complete, you can delete unwanted page.  Right-click the thumbnail, jand select "Delete" from the menu.
If you close your web browser, the scanned document is not lost. All information is saved, and you will see your documents when you next open CloudScan.  Continue scanning or save your document to one of the supported file formats.

1. Where to start

The easiest way to do this from the same computer: right click on SharedScanner tray icon
and select Run CloudScan
And new default browser will be opened.
Save URL from address bar, something like:
You can use this URL from any computer in your home network and will be able to scan without any installation. Just open the browser and put saved URL. We recommend to save it in Favorites.

2. Starting scan

When CloudScan is launched and successfully connected to SharedScanner you can immediately press Scan button and images will be scanned with optimal settings.
But if you need any customization or have special requirement you can tune the process for you:
a) Multiple scanners
If you have more than one scanner connected to your PC you can select your scanner in Default Scanner combo box.
b) Change to Black and White or Gray
If you want to scan images Black and White or Gray click drop down part of Scan button (with arrow):
and select mode that you need.
c) More settings
If you need to select more precise settings you can always navigate to Scan menu (see CloudScan - Scan topic in the help) and choose DPI, Paper size and other.
otherwise you just need to press “Scan” button to start scanning. There are base scan settings on "Scan" tab. Dropdown menu under Scan button allows to scan in Black/White, Gray or Color if scanner supports this.

3. Post Scan

After document was scanned you can delete pages which you do not like: right click on thumbnail and select "Delete" in context menu.
If you close web browser scanned document will not be not lost. All information is saved locally and if you open CloudScan again you will see your document and will be able either continue scanning or save it.

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