Security considerations

ScanWorks Software completely understands the risks of using the Internet, especially when scanning sensitive documents. Our company does not have any access to any documents or images that you receive from the scanner. Everything happens locally on your computer, and nothing is stored on our server or processor.
Setup an additional layer of security by specifying who can have access to your scanner. See "SharedScanner - Allowed IP list" for details.

1. Where images are stored?

All images are stored on the computer where SharedScanner is installed. See "SharedScanner - Settings" for details on how to find and setup a scans repository. The CloudScan application stores only thumbnails as temporary Internet files. Images and thumbnails will be deleted from both locations when the "Delete document" button is pressed.

2. Do scanned images cross boundary of my computer(s)?

No, scanned images are only controlled by you and remain on your computer.

3. Is it safe to provide Google account details?

Yes, this is completely safe. No information will be sent, stored, or anyhow accessed by anybody. Credentials will be encrypted immediately if you prefer to save them for future use. This information will be saved locally only. If you uncheck the "Save credentials" option, all previously saved Google account information will be deleted.

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