SharedScanner - Settings

SharedScanner - Settings

Repository path

The repository is used for temporary saving scanned images and log file.

Open folder

Open repository folder in windows explorer.


3. Port
Port is used for connection through network. Do not change this port because CloudScan will not be able connect to another port.


Allows change Repository folder.

Enable logging

5. Enable logging
Enables logging. If you have any issues with SharedScanner please check this option and restart SharedScanner. Reproduce the issue. Please take the log file saved in Repository folder and send it to with description of issue.

Show scanner configuration UI

6. Show scanner configuration UI
If you check this option scanner configuration dialog will be shown in the beginning of scanning on computer where SharedScanner is installed.

Supress Scanner connection dialog

7. Supress Scanner connection dialog
When scanner is switched off and you are trying select it in CloudScan then warning dialog is shown on computer with SharedScanner. CouldScan will not work until you close this dialog. If this iption is checked the dialogs will be supressed.

Supress scanning dialogs

8. Supress scanning dialogs
Although SharedScanner tells TWAIN scanners do not show any dialogs some scanners still show them. This options allows supress this dialogs although some time if scanner shows progress scanning dialog then supressing the dialog can lead scanning to hung.

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