SharedScanner is not available

SharedScanner is not available message is shown when CloudScan cannot connect to SharedScanner. It might occurs due to following reasons:
  • SharedScanner is not installed
You should install SharedScanner component on computer where scanner is connected to. It will allow another computers across network use this scanner without any additional installations.
  • IP address or computer name is incorrect
Please check that you entered correct IP address or computer name (please see note about computer name below).
  • Use IP address instead of computer name
Due to web browsers limitations some time you won't be able to connect to SharedScanner by computer name. So please either use IP address or add in Trusted Sites zone of your web browser.
To add it in Trusted sites you should open CloudScan and go to security options of web browser. Internet Explorer Trusted sites dialog is shown on screenshot below. You should uncheck option "Require server verification" and press Add button to add web site in list of websites.
  • Firewall blocks SharedScanner
During installation SharedScanner adds a rule in standard Windows Firewall. This rule allows it to be used across network. If you use another Firewall on computer where SharedScanner installed you might need to configure it appropriately.
  • Computer with SharedScanner is in sleep mode
Check that computer with SharedScanner doesn't sleep.

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