CloudScan Help

CloudScan is a new, simple way to scan documents, pictures, or photos, and save them to PDF, PDF/A or TIFF file. It can be successfully used on one computer. Get scanning results in seconds with its simple interface. If you have more than one PC or Mac (home or office network), you are getting a revolutionary approach to scanning: just install the SharedScanner component to one PC, and you can use scan from almost any other computer without additional installation. Only a web browser is required.
Organizations can get even more benefits deploying CloudScan on their own server in Intranet (it will just take several minutes since CloudScan is HTML + JavaScript web application) which allows all employees to use CloudScan to capture their documents. Read more about "Site" and "Organization" licenses in "Purchasing Premium license" topic.
CloudScan provides following features:
  • Scanning: Scan directly from most web browsers using Mac or Windows PC remotely. Adjust basic scan settings, including resolution, paper source, paper size, before scanning to achieve the best results.
  • Image Enhancement: Apply image enhancement settings: Auto Deskew, Binary Black Border removal and Punch removal.
  • Viewing: Thumbnail and full page viewing are available, with a smooth zoom.
  • Saving: Free file formats are supported: TIFF, PDF and PDF/A-1b.
  • Sending by Fax: A scanned document can be easy sent by fax directly from CloudScan.
  • Sending by eMail (Premium version): Two clicks to scan to multi page PDF and send it in eMail attachment.
  • Printing (Premium version): Create a hard copy of documents using printing.
  • Editing: Edit scanned pictures with online editor.
  • Exporting: A scanned document can be saved directly into SharePoint or GoogleDocs as a multipage PDF file.