From time to time user can see following issue when he/she select RemoteDesktopTwain driver in an application
This issue occurs when RemoteDekstopTwain driver located on server cannot connect to RemoteDesktopTwain client part located on computer where scanner is connected to. It might be due to following reasons:
  • RemoteDesktopTwain is not installed on client computer
Solution: install RemoteDesktopTwain on client computer with connected scanner
  • You don't work on server through MS RemoteDesktop. Probably you work through Citrix client which is not supported by RemoteDesktop at this moment
Solution: connect to server through MS RemoteDesktop, start your scan application on server and select RemoteDesktopTwain driver
  • Some issue occurs during initialization of MS RemoteDesktop connection
Solution: close your scan application, close MS RemoteDesktop and start it again and connect to server. If you still see the issue please collect log files as it is described below to help our support team in resolution your issue.

How to collect log files

Although RemoteDesktopTwain product follows to TWAIN specification there are a lot of scanners on the market and some of them do not follow specification exactly. This can lead to different issues with such scanners. To help ScanWorks team identify and fix the issue with your scanner please follow these steps:
  • Enable logging in RemoteDesktopTwain Server configuration dialog.
  • Press "Close" button in configuration dialog and exit from scan application and start it again.
  • Reproduce the issue.
  • Take log file from RemoteDesktop Server. Please see below where you can find it.
  • Send the log file to with short description of your issue.
ScanWorks Software will do the best to help you resolving the issue.

How to find RemoteDesktopTwain Server log file

Please follow these steps to find RemoteDesktopTwain driver log file:
  • Go to your Users folder.
  • For Windows XP/2003 this will be <SYSTEM_DRIVE>:\Documents and Settings\<USER_NAME>\Application Data\ScanWorks\RemoteDesktopTwain
  • For Windows Vista/7/2008 this will be <SYSTEM_DRIVE>:\Users\<USER_NAME>\Application Data\ScanWorks\RemoteDesktopTwain
2. Take RemoteDesktopTwain.log file and send it to
3. Or You can get content of this file if you click “Open log file” button on Settings Tab