License model

RemoteTwain uses simple and transparent license model. Although it consists of two parts: SharedScanner and RemoteTwain driver you need to license only one part - SharedScanner. It means that it does not matter how many clients will connect to SharedScanner and how many scanners are connected to computer where SharedScanner installed. If you have several scanners in your office you can share all of them using just one license of RemoteTwain. To share these scanners you need to do following steps:
  • Connect all scanners to one computer.
  • Install SharedScanner on the same computer.
  • Add license in SharedScanner.
All employee in the office can install RemoteTwain driver on their computers and laptops and scan from any scanner from computer where SharedScanner is installed. They do not need any additional licenses.
Although if you would like to share scanner connected to different computers you will need several licenses. For example, you have two scanners connected to two different computers, please follow these steps to share them across network:
  • Install SharedScanner on every computer where scanner is connected to.
  • Add license in every instance of SharedScanner. Since you have two computers with connected scanners and installed SharedScanner you will need two licenses.
Now all employees in the office can scan remotely from any of these shared scanners without any additional licenses.

Adding license

There are two ways how you can add license in SharedScanner:
  • Adding license from RemoteTwain driver
  • Adding license in SharedScanner
It doesn't matter what way you will use.
Adding license from RemoteTwain driver
Please follow these simple steps:
Adding license in SharedScanner
Please follow these simple steps: