Remote TWAIN - Registration

Remote TWAIN - Registration

Key field

1. Key field
This key is got from computer when SharedScanner is connected. The key depends on hardware so if you change hardware on computer with SharedScanner then Key might be changed and you will need to request new serial.

E-Mail field

2. E-Mail field
License consist of three parts: Key, Registration E-Mail and Serial. Please enter here e-mail used during registration.

Serial field

3. Serial field
Serial received from ScanWorks.

Buy now button

4. Buy now button
Press buy now button to visit Buy Now web page. You can purchase RemoteTwain using credit cards, PayPal or Purchase Order. Volume discount is available.

Continue button

5. Continue button
If you press Continue without entering valid license then all scanned images will be stamped with evaluation stamp. Once entered license you will be able to use RemoteTwain from any computer. You always can check license in SharedScanner configuration dialog.