Remote TWAIN - Scanner settings

Remote TWAIN - Scanner settings

Remote computer with scanner

1. Remote computer with scanner
Enter either computer name, for example MyScanStation or computer IP, for example,

Port number

2. Port number
As a rule you don't need to change port number. Please contact to ScanWorks Software support if you believe you need to change port number.

Connect button

3. Connect button
Press connect button to connect remote computer and get list of available scanners and settings for selected scanner.

Selected scanner

4. Selected scanner
This combo box contains list of available scanners on remote computer. When you change selected scanner RemoteTwain requests settings for selected scanner.

Paper source

5. Paper source
If scanner supports several sources (e.g. flatbed and document feeder) this option allows to appropriate on.
ADF is Automatic Document Feeder


6. Resolution
Shows resolutions that selected scanner supports. As a rule at least 300 DPI (dots per inch) is a recommended resolution for documents. Most OCR engines will be able to recognize correctly characters on documents with such resolution. Selecting higher resolution will lead to slower scanning although the quality will be better.

Color mode

7. Color mode
Shows color mode that scanner supports. Usually: Black/White, Gray or Color.  If black and white images with better quality are required use “Image Enhancement” feature instead of scanning with Black/White color mode. To use it select Gray color mode and go to “Image enhancement” tab and check “Binarize” and “All images” options. Please see details about image enhancement features available in RemoteTwain in topic “Image Enhancement”.

Scan orientation

8. Scan orientation
Some scanners allow selecting orientation and scanner driver will automatically rotate images according this option. If selected scanner does not support this option Rotate feature from “Image Enhancement” tab can be used, please see topic about image enhancement.

Paper size

9. Paper size
Most scanners allow selecting paper size and either A4, Letter or any other documents supported by selected scanner can be chosen.

Scan mode

10. Scan mode
Allows selecting simplex (one side of paper) or duplex (both sides) mode to scan if scanner supports.

Always show UI check

11. Always show UI check
TWAIN compliant application can either show TWAIN scanner configuration dialog or do not show it. If option “Always show UI” is selected application will always show RemoteTwain configuration dialog. If option is unchecked scan application will not ask TWAIN driver to show configuration dialog different configuration will not be possible. Although this option can be always reverted back by changing RemoteTwain INI file ( In Microsoft Windows 7 it is available at <SYSTEM DRIVE>:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\ScanWorks\RemoteTwain\remotetwain.ini ). Change settings as it is shown below.
1 – Always show RemoteTwain configuration dialog when you scan
0 – Let application decide if it needs to show RemoteTwain configuration dialog

Show preview check

12. Show preview check
Check this option to show Preview area.

Help button

13. Help button

Scan button

14. Scan button
Start scanning.

Enable Scan Region check

15. Enable Scan Region check
Check this option to point out scan region.

Preview button

16. Preview button
Scans one page and show it in Preview area. When you have page scanned you can point out region for further scanning and press Scan button to transfer scanned region to application.

Region size

17. Region size
Sizes of region to scan (in inches).

Scan preview

18. Scan preview
Preview area allows preview page and select region to scan.