Setting scanner as Default

DefaultTwain is a small and free utility allows changing default scanner in the system. So if you have two different applications that use different TWAIN devices (e.g. one for WebCam, one for TwainImporter) you can use convenient way to launch them.
You need to unzip this archive, change ini file (defaulttwain.ini, explanation is below) and install. After you install you can click on DefaultTwain icon on your desktop and this tool will set scanner to TwainImporter and launch Edusoft Grader (with our sample setup). Usually you need to create two copies of this tool on target PC and make two shortcuts for two different programs: like one with TwainImporter for Edusoft and one for Avermedia. This way users  won’t need to select driver before work, it will automatically work with correct driver.
Note about defaulttwain.ini. This is common ini file and you can setup
1)      Default Twain driver
parameter: DefaultTwainDriver
value: full path to .ds file in Windows\Twain_32 folder
2)      Application to launch
parameter: ApplicationToLaunch
value: full path to application with possible command line parameters
3)      Option to launch application
parameter: ApplicationToLaunchFlag
value: 1 or 0, if you set it to 1 application will be launched, if to 0 just Default Twain Driver will be set
If you have common setup in your network across PCs you need to set defaulttwain.ini only once and installer will use your modified version.