License model

TwainImporter license consist of two parts:
  • Key - number related with computer hardware configuration, for example 2250486568
  • License - this license is specific for Key, include your email and looks like following: [2250486568][][17c7e850-8a00-2bcf-a567-dcec58c1cd4b]
License will stop working if Key differs from Key included in the license. Thus if you change your computer configuration you might need request a new license. It doesn't require any additional payment and ScanWorks will just replace your old license with new one (you can send your request to ).

Getting Keys

Follow these simple steps to install TwainImporter and get hardware keys.
2. Install TwainImporter on computer where it will be used.
3. Send to us Hardware Keys from registration tab of Twain Importer configuration dialog.
4. We will send you serials for your Hardware Keys