Remote Twain Product Overview

  • - Don't have document scanner? Use your phone with MobileTwain instead!

  • - Need to scan through Terminal Session? Try RemoteDesktopTwain for free!

RemoteTwain diagram Scan Everywhere Easily

RemoteTwain turns any scanner into a network scanner. The built-in security system provides the ability to select who will be able to use the shared scanner. Open your scanner to everybody or a select group.

RemoteTwain is intended to be used by banks, small business, computer labs, and home offices that need to share a scanner among several people. Any business can save expenses and office space by having work-groups share a single scanner. RemoteTwain works with most Twain scanners. RemoteTwain uses standard HTTP protocol and can be used safely with a Firewall.

Another powerful option for RemoteTwain is to use old scanners that are not compatible with new operating systems. If a scanner does not have drivers for Windows 7, or does not work on 64 bit system, RemoteTwain can connect your scanner to an old computer in a network and share it. For Windows 7 Professional and up, no separate PC is required. The embedded XP Mode will work perfectly.
If you need to use your locally connected scanner on Remote Server through RemoteDesktop you can use our RemoteDesktopTwain virtual driver.

RemoteTwain buy Purchase the Business license now Only $59 for the Business license. Share your scanner with your colleagues!
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Only $29 for the Home license. Share your scanner within your home network!
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